When it comes to fine dining in St. Paul, WA Frost is simply “The Standard.” It’s not just about the casual upscale American cuisine, or our award-winning wine cellar, or even having perhaps the best outdoor dining patio in the Twin Cities. It’s the delightful blend of all these elements, carefully enhanced since our opening in 1975. Feel the warmth of Frost for yourself.

CommonWEALTH Properties
Commonwealth Properties has been revitalizing historic properties for over 40 years. You may not know our name, but you know our spaces.

curious Incident

Creative and inventive, curious incident goes beyond traditional event planning services to provide an immersive experience that celebrates the spaces and the rich history of St. Paul. With ties in the arts and music communities, CI produces events that transform spaces, spark the imagination, and create memorable, one-of-a-kind experiences for their guests.